Commision Terms Of Servive

  • I have the right to decline any potential commission.

  • I reserve the rights to the image and its distribution and use unless otherwise specified.

  • All payments are through PayPal.

  • Payments will be upfront, if we are friends and I trust you this may not apply.

  • Modifications or adjustments to the request may incur additional charges if they occur during the process.

  • You are not permitted to use my artwork for commercial or profit purposes.

  • You are allowed to print out my work for your own usage.

  • You are not permitted to claim to have have created the work.

  • Tag me if you decide to post the work.

  • Refunds/ cancellations may be requested at any time.

Status: open / Free slots: 3

  • 50% extra for every extra character.

  • abstract backgrounds are free

  • complex backgrounds can be up to 15€

  • 2 props are free, every additional is 2€

  • Character reference sheets on request

contact etc.

I post my art to Instagram and tumblr, you can contact me through both of those platforms. I recently started to use a personal blog to talk about my interests too (doubiously active).
I am not a very public person, but I try my best to be friendly.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through any means you wish.